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How would you go about finding writing partners?
« on: November 27, 2018, 06:03:35 AM »
So, in 2019 I have a few writing projects I want to begin, but I'm honestly not equipped for either. At least not on my own.

The first is a true-crime story. A local guy was convicted of murder and he is suspected of several others. As it turns out, he was a friend of my brother's in high school, and I know the family of his victim he was convicted of killing. I also know the local sheriff who caught him, and the local police chief is also somebody I went to school with.

Problem is, I have no experience writing this kind of thing. I write murder mysteries and crime stories, but I do all my research from my chair online. I've never interviewed law enforcement or victim families or (obviously) a convicted killer, but if I had a partner who had ...

Honestly, I wouldn't even know how to go about approaching any of these people, or promoting the book when it's done. How would I go about finding a writing partner to teach me? What should I even offer such a partner up front? Shared by-line? Top billing? Cash?

The second book is a sci-fi/horror story idea. Like I said, I usually write mysteries and crime stories, but I have a unique idea for a speculative tale, but I don't know how to write the science-ie parts necessarily. Should I write a treatment and then ask in forums? Should I send the treatment cold, directly to potential partners I find on my own? Should I tease the idea in forums? Should I approach agents and when I find one ask him/her to hook me up with a fellow client?

I'm not asking for anyone to volunteer here. I'm just asking how y'all think I should go about introducing the idea to potential partners, and how you think I should find those partners in the first place. And if you have had experience doing something like this - even in some other genres - your input will be appreciated.


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Re: How would you go about finding writing partners?
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No experience with true crime here, but it immediately occurred to me that there must have been a reporter who did the interviews. He/she has got all the notes and research that didn't end up in the newspaper articles. The reporter might be someone who would be willing to work with you for his/her name on the cover and a cut of the royalties.

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Re: How would you go about finding writing partners?
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That's a good idea.