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Romance catalogue for sale!
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Hi everyone.

I'm the author and publisher of 21 historical romances and 4 contemporary comedy romances of novel and novella-length. I'm returning to my original genre in 2019 so Iím retiring my romance pen name. The pen I chose was unfortunately the same as another authorís and Iíd like to kill it for that reason alone. But the fact is, Iím not returning to romance and without new titles, the catalogue will slide into obscurity.

The Catalogue:

A)   4 Contemporary Comedy Romance novels in series (over 50K each) Themes and Tropes: small town setting; enemies-to-lovers, fake engagement, friends-to-lovers, secret billionaire, bachelor father, warm to steamy love scenes.

B)   Gothic Historical Romance Serial (Victorian) (9 novellas of 25-32K + 1 novel of 72K to end series) Themes and Tropes: Forced engagement, amnesia victim, abusive ex-husband in her past, anti-heroes with dark history, orphan heroine, English manor house, damaged hero assassin, steamy to sizzling love scenes. Each serial could be bundled to make one full-length novel. (3 novels + final novel for 4-book series in Gothic Historical Romance)

C)   4 standalone titles of historical romance (55 Ė 70K novels) Themes and Tropes: American Revolutionary, pirate, Victorian guardian, Regency warlock fantasy, Tudor secret royalty, brothers, enemies-to-lovers, forced engagement, warm to steamy love scenes.

D)   4 Medieval romances novella-length (21K - 47K words) Themes and Tropes: forced marriage, enemies-to-lovers, 2 Christmas-themes, anti-hero turned hero, Kingís guard, 13th century England, action and adventure, steamy to sizzling love scenes.

E)   3 Edwardian/20th Century romance novella series (30K each) Themes and Tropes: Downton Abbey tone, her brotherís best friend, childhood friends, friends-to-lovers, secret engagement, PTSD hero, family history, social outcast heroine, steamy love scenes

What is the sales history of this catalogue?

Over 44 months, the lifetime sales figure is $18,965.83 USD. Tragic, I know, until you consider these titles have never been promoted, there has been no mailing list, no ARCs sent out, AMS or FB ads or other ad campaigns. They were published without professional covers. Sales and reviews are organic. They have on average four-star reviews. Iíve received fan mail. The content is evergreen in terms of character development, setting and research. Each book has a solid three-act plot structure.

In short, the catalogue has untapped potential. In the hands of a competent marketer, my passive $19K could be trebled. I am hoping to sell to a business person who can maximize the value in these books. I'm asking $25,000 $20K USD for the entire catalogue (1,042,500 words) Or individual series can be sold separately.

PM me through this site if you're interested and weíll take it from there.  :cheers
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