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I have this habit of making book coversÖ FOR SALE!
« on: October 29, 2019, 04:27:48 AM »
So, once upon a time I enjoyed painting, drawing, all things art really. I also enjoyed things like writing books and staring numbly at a blank wall. Well, then I had twins. Art became harder. Writing started at 4 am before the beasts angels woke.

I randomly started making e-book covers after I published my first book. They weren't for anything specific, but it was an art/writing outlet where I didnít need to get out the paints and I didnít need total concentration like with writing. Itís odd, I suppose, but I enjoy it.

Well, the new year is almost upon us, and Iím already thinking about being more organized. One of those things involves cleaning out the olí computer.
Iím putting all my covers up for sale. These are new covers; I have never used them. Since Iím already in the midst of figuring out how to set up a website and an ecommerce store (for a totally unrelated topic), Iíve added my book covers to that website as to not completely overwhelm my old, tired brain. If Iíve screwed something up, let me know.

Iím super reliable. I will not disappear (unless the zombies come, then Iím out). Upon purchase, you will be automatically sent the blank (no type) version of the cover. This is so you not only immediately have the cover that youíve purchased, but if you happen to change the title or author name in the future, youíre not trying to hunt down the original, blank cover.

Prices are set at $55 to $110. Iím also open to accepting payments (with cover held until full payment and a contract signed).

Here's a few covers for your perusal. Oh!! And I have a handful of Christmas covers, so if youíre considering busting out a holiday book, check those out too.


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Re: I have this habit of making book coversÖ60% OFF WEEKEND!
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Hi all! I've marked all covers 60% off for this weekend (sale starts right now!). That means my $110 covers are now $44, $85 are $34, and the $55 are only $22! So go stock up. Add another book to your backlog. I dare you!    grint