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Awesome Beta Reads!
« on: September 27, 2018, 10:25:56 AM »
Hi everyone - this is an overview of my services from my website. If anyone has questions, please PM or email me. I work mostly with midlist/bestselling, working authors. I charge $0.004/word USD. I also offer virtual assistant services. You can see more info at:


My name is Maia, I'm a word nerd, and I'm here to help. In my manuscript critiques I provide developmental and structural feedback, focusing on content flow, clarity, pacing, as well as character development, plot, and genre details and other critical story elements. I also point out grammar, punctuation, and other usage issues when I catch 'em—which is pretty often ☺. I provide in-line notes in your wip as well as an in-depth beta reader letter and I take a very flexible approach to working with my clients—if it's a good fit for you to send me 10,000 words every week, and you want me to focus on a specific element (like character or plot development) I'm happy to work with your schedule and requirements, and I particularly enjoy working with authors who write in a series.

As a novelist with a couple of years working at Kobo under my belt, I have a pretty good understanding of the writing biz, and my feedback is prompt, reliable, and supportive.
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Re: Awesome Beta Reads!
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Maia, can't believe I missed your post!!

It's been a while, but for anyone looking for a very thorough beta read, look no further!

Maia beta read my first two books and her feedback was amazingly detailed. She picked up a lot of things I had missed, got right into the heart of the story and pushed me to be a better writer. It was more like a mini developmental edit than a beta read.

Highly recommended.

Genre: Fantasy
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Re: Awesome Beta Reads!
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I second the recommendation. I've used Maia's services, and she knows her stuff.
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