Author Topic: The great, legendary Gaylord Fancypants is here: ghostwriter/editor  (Read 436 times)

Gaylord Fancypants

Howdy! I am Gaylord Fancypants, an author of MM erom on Amazon. Feel free to check out my books there or if you'd like a full copy to evaluate when considering hiring me, email me at
I can write anything you want, super-quickly. I've been known to do 15k words in a day if I am properly motivated and know well the subject matter (probably won't apply to your project, unless you're writing outlandishly extravagant MM erom about big alphas and the gays who love them, for most other fiction I'd do something like 6-7k a day). I'll charge about $150/day, so you can do the math to get a rough estimate -- actual prices will vary based on the subject matter and what else I've got going on at the time.
Editing timeframe and cost depends a whole lot on what the material is and what kind of editing is needed. Assuming it's already coherent English and just needs a little embellishing and fixing, I can do about a 50k book in a day.
Thanks and keep those pants fancy!