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Happy Sunday to all,

Movies, Mothers and Murder (Izzie Firecracker 2) is free on Amazon today. It's tongue-in-cheek romantic suspense.


Izzie Firecracker is a quirky, fun-loving, London therapist. Clients find it easy to share their problems, usually over tea and cake. It's a heart-to-heart with a good friend who won't blab... 

When an investment fails, Izzie has days to vacate her luxury Mayfair home and office. When things can't get worse they do. Izzie's Mum dies, leaving mountains of clutter, emotional and actual. At Izzie's lowest ebb a sexy businessman, Bobby, summons her to Vegas to run a self-help seminar in his decadent new hotel...

Soon, Izzie and  Bobby are at the mercy of a mad mobster who's out for blood  - and therapy.  Can Izzie and Bobby outwit the crazy gangster and escape with their lives, never mind their budding relationship?

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